October 2008 update

We are a group of MTU students currently exploring the feasibility of establishing the Terra Preta @ MTU Project as an Enterprise team or affiliating it with existing campus projects and initiatives. The impetus and commitment remain that the project is a reciprocal project with the local community, with shared access to resources, planning, and participation.

We currently think of terra preta, or terra preta de indio as a framework for exploring the historical, archeological, anthropological, scientific, and indigenous aspects of “dark earth.” We think of biochar as a process and product that may be used as a soil amendment; that it may help increase soil fertility dramatically; and that it may help mitigate climate change via its carbon-negative sequestration qualities.

If you are interested in joining this university and community effort — as a community member, as a student, staff, or faculty member — write to Lydia and we will add you to our biochar-l mailing list and update you on future plans.

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