HU4634 Capstone Calendar

Please note that this calendar is designed to be flexible: we may make changes along the way, depending on the needs & interests of students and clients. You are responsible for  knowing about — and adjusting for — changes. Should you miss a class or a workshop for any reason, it is your responsibility to find out from classmates & colleagues what you missed and to get copies of handouts or other materials.

WIF =  The World Is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty-First Century
APM =  Art of Project Management
[PDF] = available via online w/ password; print and bring annotated copies to  class

Week 1 Introductions, Key TPSC Terms, Practicum Goals
Tuesday 9/5 Introductions, Key Terms, Course Goals
Preview Friedman, TWIF & TPSC presentations
Preview Berkun, APM
Thursday 9/7 Due: Time management worksheet
Introducing TPSC contexts for TWIF
Preparing TWIF group presentations
Week 2 TPSC & possible client projects
Tuesday 9/12 Reading: “TC from a Career Perspective” [PDF]
Due: reading memo
In-class: possible client projects
Thursday 9/14 In-class: Career Perspectives, continued; possible client projects
Week 3 TPSC & local knowledges; client meetings
Tuesday 9/19 Reading: TWIF, chapter 1: group presentation
60-second updates: clients and projects
Thursday 9/21 Reading: TWIF (#1-5): group presentation
Due: Project memo I: possibilities & priorities
60-second updates: clients and projects
Prep Week 4 APM “Preface,” and I.2; basecamphq
Week 4 Project Audience Analysis & Needs Analysis
Tuesday 9/26 Workshop: Audience Analysis
Reading: Spinuzzi, “Participatory Design” & Bravo, “Hazards” [PDF]
Due: reading memo
Thursday 9/28 Reading: TWIF, chapters 3 & 4 group
Due:  Project Audience & Needs Analysis
Workshop: drafting, revising, and editing project proposals
Prep Week 5 APM, “Writing the good vision,” design briefs, and setting up your basecamphq
Week 5 TPSC & the rhetoric of written genres: proposals, briefs, and documentation
Tuesday 10/3 Reading: TWIF, chapters 5 & 6 group
Due: Project proposal draft (3 copies)
Thursday 10/5 Due: Final Project Proposal
60-second updates: clients and projects
Prep Week 6 APM,  I.5 and I.6; basecamphq update
Week 6 Project prototyping
Tuesday 10/10 Reading: TWIF, chapters 7 & 8 group
Workshop: Prototypes
Thursday 10/12 Reading: TWIF, chapters 9 & 10 group
Due: project prototype or storyboard
Workshop: feedback & critique session
Prep Week 7 APM, Part 2; basecamphq update
Week 7 Project Development & File Management: Iteration 1.0
Tuesday 10/17 Reading: TWIF, chapters 11 & 12 group
60-second updates: clients and projects
Thursday 10/19 Reading: TWIF, chapters 13 & 14 group
Due: Iteration 1.0 and progress report
Prep Week 8 APM, Part 2; basecamphq update
Week 8 Documentation that supports professional, complex, audience-based projects such yours
Tuesday 10/24 Reading: TWIF: “Imagination”
Workshop: Iteration critiques
Thursday 10/26 Workshop: Iteration critiques
Prep Week 9 basecamphq update; usability planning and contextual inquiry
Week 9 Project Development & Iterative Processes: Iteration 2.0
Tuesday 10/31 Workshop: Planning, conducting, presenting readability & usability sessions
Reading: Suchman, “Making Work Visible”
Due: reading memo”The way in which people work is not always apparent. Too often, assumptions are made as to how tasks are performed rather than unearthing the underlying work practices. By making the work visible, designers create a more intimate view of the workplace landscape.”
Thursday 11/2 Workshop: readability & usability sessions
Due: Iteration 2.0 and progress report
Prep Week 10 basecamphq update
Week 10 Project Development: Iteration 3.0 for usability session purposes
Tuesday 11/7 CCLI: Readability & usability sessions
Thursday 11/9 CCLI: Readability & usability sessions
Prep Week 11 basecamphq update with session before-and-after notes
Week 11 Project Testing: Usability & Readability: Iteration 4.0
Tuesday 11/14 Workshop:  editing professional usability and readability reports
Due: usability and readability report draft (3 copies)
Thursday 11/16 Due: Iteration 4.0 and Usability/Readability report
Prep Week 12 basecamphq update
Week 12 Client meetings & preparing for presentations
Tuesday 11/28 In class: TBA
Client meetings
Thursday 11/30 In class: TBA
Client meetings
Prep Week 13 basecamphq update
Week 13 Project presentations with invited clients
Tuesday 12/5 Project poster session
Thursday 12/7 Poster session debriefing
Prep Week 14 basecamphq update; update your professional STC portfolio
Week 14 Project implementation, delivery, file transfers, STC Portfolios
Tuesday 12/12 Walker 134 & the CCLI:

  • Project delivery, with Letter of Transmittal
  • File transfers
  • STC Portfolio Reviews
  • Course evaluations
Thursday 12/14 Walker 134 & the CCLI:

  • Project implementation, continued
  • File transfers
  • STC Portfolio Reviews

Schedule Finals Week Conference with Michael

Finals Week
Bring to our scheduled conference copies of all your reading memos and all of your project materials: audience analysis; needs analysis; proposal; client correspondence; prototype; iterations (5); usability/readability report; presentation materials, letter of transmittal, and updated STC portfolio

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