Capstone Projects & Grading

Project Due Grade %
Response memos (3) Ongoing, as assigned 10%
Reading presentation (1) The World is Flat, as scheduled 10%
Basecamphq updates Weekly, as assigned 20%
Project development & deliverables Finals week 60%

All of the writing and document design you do in this class is evaluated with these professional criteria in mind:

Your ability to articulate intended effects, and the steps taken to achieve those effects
Your attention to the rhetorical situation and your ability to adapt to multiple audiences
Your effective and appropriate use of visuals
Your ability to incorporate relevant and compelling research
Your ability to edit and revise page (or screen) layout and design

A The writing & design are exceptional. This is the kind of project that might lead to promotions in the workplace. It is professional and reflects the designer’s careful consideration of audience and purpose. It contains all necessary information, is written and designed in an appropriate and engaging style, is memorable, and its delivery is visually appealing. It is free of mechanical errors.

B The project is strong. It would be considered acceptable in the professional contexts. It too reflects consideration of the rhetorical situation. It is generally above average in terms of the criteria mentioned above, but falls short of excellent in one or more category. It is free of mechanical errors.

C The project is competent. It would probably be returned for revision in professional contexts. It is generally average in terms of the major criteria listed above. It has few mechanical errors.

D The project is weak. It would probably get the designer into a bad situation in professional contexts. It falls below average in terms of one or more of the major criteria.

F Pink Slip

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