HU3640 Practicum B Schedule

Week 1 Introductions & workshop goals
  Introductions & goals; review HU2640 | Preparation for next week: read and annotate “Writing for a Living”; complete time-management worksheet
Week 2 Professional research & reading practices
  Due:  annotated article and time-management worksheet
  Preparation for Week 3 Workshop: research two position advertisements for English Ed. positions / Tech Comm positions; update resumes
Week 3 Resume workshop
  Due: professional resume (three copies); two position advertisements for English/Tech Comm teaching jobs (three copies)
  Preparation for Week 4 Workshop: Revise resume; gather and organize portfolio
Week 4 Resumes and current portfolio prototypes
  Portfolio workshops
Due: Revised resume
  Preparation for Week 5 Workshop: Review Readability, Usability, and read “Ambient Findability”
Week 5 Readability, Usability, and Ambient Findability
  Database and e-journal research
  Preparation for Week 6 Workshop: Choose one academic and one professional journal for analysis
Week 6 Academic and professional journals in English Education & Technical Communication
Deliver five-minute informal presentations of your analyses
Due: journal comparative & rhetorical analysis with visual aids
Preparation for Week 7 Workshop: Graduate programs online; print off two for in-class discussion; plan Career Day mini-ethnography
Week 7 Graduate programs in English Education & Technical Communication
Guest Speaker: Beth Flynn, Director RTC Program
Tuesday  Career Day
Preparation for Week 8 Workshop: Technology & software working groups
Week 8 Portfolios: HU3640 prototype & file management
Communication and design technologies in professional contexts Due: Career Day mini-ethnography
  Preparation for Week 9 Prepare portfolio files in your home directory and on a CD-ROM
Week 9 Communication and design technologies, continued
  Technology & software working groups: using available technologies to design, revise, edit, assess, and
present your professional portfolios
  Preparation for Week 10 Workshop: Compose your portfolio platform-and-production memo
Week 10 Communication and design technologies, continued
  Technology & software working groups
  Preparation for Week 11 Workshop: Portfolio editing
Week 11 Portfolio workshop
  In-class critiques, feedback, and collective problem solving
  Preparation for Individual Conferences: Prepare a portfolio prototype version for our review and discussion
Weeks 12 & 13 Poster session planning, design, and production
Wednesday  Guest Speaker: Greg Booth, EECN
Introduction: Poster Sessions (CSU)
Advice on Designing Scientific Posters (Swarthmore)
Week 14 Poster session
  Schedule TBA
Finals Week Due: Portfolio  & Cover Letter,  Friday 4/27 @ 5:00 p.m.

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