HU2640 Practicum A Schedule

Please note that this practicum and workshop calendar is designed to be flexible; that is, we may make changes along the way, depending on the interests and needs of Practicum members.

Week 1 No Class: Martin Luther King Jr. Day

“Dr. King sought to forge the common ground on which people from all walks of life could join together to address important community issues. Working alongside individuals of all ages, races and backgrounds, Dr. King encouraged Americans to come together to strengthen communities, alleviate poverty, and acknowledge dignity and respect for all human beings. Service, he realized, was the great equalizer.” From MLK Day of Service. Also see The King Center
Week 2 Introductions & goals; preview of initial readings and workshop activities
Due: Workshop Survey & Time Management Worksheet
Week 3 Practicum workshop I
Guest speaker: Ben Dowker on Time Management
Week 4 Practicum workshop II
Guest speaker: Asha Murrell, Networking: The Personal Component in STC Work
  Review workshop handout
Week 5 Practicum workshop III:
Guest speaker: Sean Bulger, Usability in Web Design
Week 6 No Meeting: Career Day — Compose Career Day mini-ethnography
Tuesday:  Career Day
Week 7 Portfolio Workshop
Guest speaker: Ryan LaBar, Pre-production Phase of Design
Due: Career Day mini-ethnography
Week 8 Portfolio Workshop
Reading: “Portfolio Design”

  • Selection
  • Design
  • Reflection
  • Assessment
  • Presentation

Annotate 2-3 work samples based on Week 8 examples; review “Preface” in APM

Week 9 TBA
Week 10 Paper Portfolios: Protoype 1.0
Portfolio workshop
Due: revised annotated work samples; edited layout
Week 11 Paper Portfolios 2.0
Workshop: Feedback & critique sessions
Due: revised annotated work samples; edited layout
Week 12 No Class: Individual Conferences
Week 13 Paper Portfolios 3.0
Workshop: Feedback & critique sessions
Week 14 File transfers & looking ahead to HU3640
CCLI: file transfer and back-up copies; looking ahead to HU3640

Finals week
Due: Friday 4/27 @ 5:00 p.m.

  • One hard-copy version of your portfolio
  • One digital version of your portfolio (CD-ROM)
  • Cover memo, which introduces your portfolio, reflects on its current state, and looks forward to HU3640

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