Group Projects & Reports

“Evaluating the Usability of the University Senate Website Redesign”
Report Audience: University Senate, Bob Keen, President
Team: Cheryl Ball, Kara Dodge, and Michael Robertson

“Researching the Usability of the Internet Educator Software System”
Report Audience: M.I.S./SIFE Team Designers
Team: Jonathan Pechta, Lucas Baker, and Denny Wagner

“The Usability and Ergonomics of Chairs in the Center for Computer-Assisted Language Instruction (CCLI)”
Report Audience: Humanitites Department Computing Committee, Jack Jobst, Chair
Team: Nathan McKimpson and Melinda Vanderbok
[full report]

“User Attitudes and Environmental Factors: A Usability Study of Web Browsers and their Contexts of Use”
Report Audience: Dawn Hayden, Director of the CCLI
Team: Curtis Peterson, Luke Burnette, Nick

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