Summer 2009: CRN# 52094
ENT 4952 R01 1.0 credits

The increasingly global nature of technical, entrepreneurial, and professional communication provides opportunities to navigate issues of distance, time, culture, language, and multiple perspectives associated with digital communication and virtual teams.

Our online section of ENT4952 will have several objectives, including reviewing research in technology-mediated communication in entrepreneurial contexts and exploring a range of synchronous and asynchronous communication tools.

For final projects, you’ll be encouraged — and challenged — to develop creative and professional applications using podcasts, blogs, vlogs, wikis and other emerging technologies in your work, especially those that align well with your Enterprise Team and your professional goals.

Our on-campus option includes reports on the complex communication practices of your Enterprise Teams — document lifecycles, communication technologies, comparing your academic and Enterprise efforts — and imagining what forms of complex communication practices we can shape in our future work.