Summer 2009: Track A

For the summer 2009 Track A section, you have three options:


If you’re working on a co-op, internship, or job over the summer, you identify a communication issue, problem, question, or observation at your site, keep a log on it, and at the end of your time there, write a 4-6 pp. report analyzing the  issue, problem, question, or observation. You can send the report as an attachment or drop it off in person. In the past, we’ve had issues such as,

  • Use of digital video training modules on the job
  • Engineering fieldwork issue: conflict, transmission of information, methods, etc.
  • Gender in the workplace: one of our favorites: do men & women communicate differently?
  • Gossip
  • Almost any ethnographic/observation context

Due: Thursday, 6/25


If you’re traveling or spending the summer at home, you can generate a communication-based question, research it, and write a 4-6 pp. report. In the past, while folks have traveled over the summer, we’ve had reports on:

  • Railroad engineers’ communication practices in Finland
  • Observations of cybercafe use in Eastern Europe
  • Text-messaging as village-communication devices in Ghana

So you can see that it’s pretty wide open. The key to this is to find something that interests you — an issue, problem, question, or observation — and we’ll find a way to turn it into a report.
Due: Thursday, 6/25


Develop a creative and professional project using a podcast, blog, vlog, or wiki — or another emerging technology —  that showcases your work, especially designed to align well with your Enterprise Team and your professional goals.
Due: Thursday, 6/25

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