ENT3962: Spring 2009

Workshop Calendar

Please note that this Calendar is designed to be flexible; that is, we may make changes along the way, depending on the interests and needs of Enterprise Team members.

Week One
Introductions; Contexts for Professional, Technical, and Engineering Communication
Due: Communications Survey (In Class)

Week Two
Establishing Credibility as a Professional & Engineering Communicator
Workshop: Document Conventions & Readers’ Expectations
Due: Enterprise Teams’ Communications Inventory & Assessment (Memo)

Week Three
Collaborative & Team-Based Writing, Revising & Editing Software
Reading: Communication Patterns of Engineers (handout)
Due: Communication Project Proposal

Week Four
Audience Analysis & How Documents Affect Readers’ Thinking & Feeling
Reading: Schriver (PDF)

Week Five
No class: Winter Carnival

Week Six
Document Design & Production II
Workshop: Common & Team-Specific Engineering Documents
Due: Team Communication Project Iteration 1.0

Week Seven
Document Design & Production III
Workshop: Engineering Reports
Due: Revising Worksheet

Week Eight
Document Design & Production IV
Workshop: Typography (handout)
Due: Team Communication Project Iteration 2.0

Spring Break: Friday 3/4 – Sunday 3/14

Week Nine
No Class: Scheduled Team Meetings

Week Ten
Editing for Coherence
Workshop: Team-Based Editing Toolkits

Week Eleven
Designing and Using Visuals
Workshop: Presentation Technologies
Reading: Tufte (handout)
Due: Team Communication Project Iteration 3.0

Week Twelve
Team Presentations

Week Thirteen
Editing & Proofreading Workshops
Due: Iteration 4.0

Week Fourteen
Team Meetings
Due: Project Final Iteration & Peer Evaluations

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