Week Six: Project Pitches

The major project for this class is to plan, design, and develop a formal Business Report based on original research. Since the very best Business Reports are ones that solve a problem or guide someone’s decisions, l’ll ask you to focus on one of those two areas.

For next week, write a one-page memo in which you propose a team-based Business Report Project for weeks 7-15. You might start by identifying a general topic area that interests you:

  • Business Communication in Information Technology Contexts
  • Business Communication in Entrepreneurial Contexts
  • Business Communication in Intercultural/International Contexts
  • Uniform CPA Examination Preparation
  • Computer-Mediated Communication
  • Intellectual Property

After you decide on a topic area, begin to think of a more focused and narrowed question or problem within that area: what problems remain unresolved? What topic deserves close analysis? Who might benefit from your research and report?
On Tuesday 2/17 you’ll present your memo to the class in the form of a “project pitch”: everyone gets 60 seconds to pitch project ideas, after which we immediately form teams.
The best, most persuasive, pitches win.

You’re evaluated on an appropriately professional project idea; a smart and enthusiastic 60-second pitch; and a flawless memo.

During the next week, feel free to post questions and ideas to buscom-l@mtu.edu.
 See page 377 in BCT for “Six General Purposes of Reports.”
 See pages 445-464 for a conventional Formal Business Report.

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