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Dialogic Reading Journals TOC

Dialogic Reading Journal:
Table of Contents

#1:  Handwritten rhetorical analysis of “A Note From Our New Publisher” 

#2: Handwritten: compare & contrast 3-4 different Reading Methods & Strategies with very specific examples and direct quotes from Kristof’s “Why 2017 Was the Best Year in Human History”

#3: Describe and annotate three problems that you have experienced or seen — a description; your proximity to the problem; who the problem affects — don’t provide a solution or thesis.

#4: TutorialHow to Search Academic Search Complete (3:08 video) — watch and test-drive video tutorial by applying it to two of your three annotated problems: comment/reflect on both the video tutorial and what kinds of sources you find, especially in terms of the problems’ potential & possible causes: interesting? Not interesting? Helpful? Not helpful? Include some article and article titles; no need to be comprehensive — just some notes are fine.

#5: Your Contextual Analysis: what part(s) are you most looking forward to and about which you feel confident? What part(s) concern or worry you? 250 words +/-