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Remix Reflection

Background — some of the contexts, ideas, and reasons for considering remix and remix culture as meaning-making activities:

First, think about how a contextual analysis aspires to contextualize a topic or a text in the service of interpretation and meaning making. Remixing a source recontextualizes both its presentation and meaning, which allows you to gain a new insight into your topic and is an opportunity to generate some new meaning — via critique, satire, or parody — around it.

When you post your remix, include a brief curation:

  • Describe the remix at a conceptual level.  What were you attempting to convey in this piece? What is your persuasive message?  Does the composition represent a particular genre or type of text?
  • What assumptions does it make of your audience?
  • Describe the composition of your remix.  What are the different components of the remix, and what is their relationship to each other?  Where do you want your audience’s attention to be immediately drawn?  How do you want your audience to process the piece and progress through it?  Does the composition contain an iconic reference or symbol?
  • List the sources of the materials you have used in your visual remix.