The STC series of Professional Development Practica is designed to support your goals by identifying professional-development opportunities in the STC Program, on campus, and within professional communities. Throughout your Practica sequence, we also expand our working collective knowledge of communication and design technologies in order to understand their roles in academic, creative, and professional contexts.

Want another way to think about it? The STC Practicum is your dot-connecting mechanism for bringing together the things you think about, the things you work on, and things you want to do.

HU2640: Professional Development and Technological Practicum A

This section of the STC Practicum focuses on your professional development by introducing you to educational and professional resources, educational and professional extracurricular activities, internships/co-ops, and basic technologies in the field of technical communication. You’ll begin to develop concepts for your professional portfolio, which you will be able to use at various stages of your undergraduate career and in other creative or professional endeavors.

HU3640: Professional Development and Technological Practicum B
Continued professional development through exploration of career opportunities, production of internship and co-op applications, practice of interview skills, development of portfolio items, and review of professional journals and graduate school options. We continue to design and select materials for our professional portfolios.

HU4640: Professional Development and Technological Practicum C
Intense and concentrated development and polishing of our professional portfolios, research into interview techniques, independent contracting, employee relationships, workplace equity, managerial positions, and graduate school opportunities. We conclude advanced communication technology workshops and prepare to teach practicum sessions for HU2640 and HU3640.

HU 4634: STC & STA Advanced Practicum
We synthesize your HU and MTU experience and develop complex client- and audience-based projects that solve some communication problem and that can serve as a compelling entry in your professional portfolio.