Teaching & Technology Across the Curriculum

“Technology has always been implicitly central to an understanding of what ‘English’ is or can be. After all, without manuscript and pens and without paper and print technologies (the first two communications revolutions) there would be no text and nothing to read, and virtually no historical dimension to the subject at all.” — Rob Pope, The English Studies Book: An Introduction to Language, Literature and Culture.

In this course we explore some of the historical, economic, and cultural forces that have lead to widespread technology adoption and use in English studies, language arts, and other literacy-based curricula. We then define and refine our teaching goals and philosophies before planning instruction with communication and design technologies for diverse learners.

Course objectives:

  • To articulate a personal philosophy for using technology in teaching-and-learning environments
  • To develop critical evaluation techniques for using technology based on sound pedagogical principles
  • To plan, design, and deliver a teaching-with-technology project based on your goals and interests