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A Sampling of Print & Digital Reading Literacy Practices Entries

Our goals: to describe our reading processes across a range of print & digital technological platforms and to self-assess our slow, deep, contextual reading practices.

  • Renee (9:40 section) via Digication — reflective reading process
  • Julia (9:40 section) via Digication — note use of links
  • Andrew (9:40) via Digication — description of physical environment
  • Janki (9:40) via Tumblr — process description
  • Katie (1:00) via Digication — process description & class discussion
  • Andra (1:00) via Tumblr — process description
  • Karianna (1:00) via Digication — process description & physical environment

Margot (1:00) employed a creative approach visualizing her process and reflecting along the way — each image is clickable for a larger (1200px version):

Note the winding dotted lines, which replicates the real, actual, genuine process in which most of us read:

She annotated her article in Scrible:

Her journal entry gestures to the literacy and learning practices we discussed in class:

 Text Recall
 Physical environment