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Highlighted sentences

Selected sentences — 9:40 section — “Fight Against Sexual Assaults Holds Colleges to Account”:

  • Five highlighted “… Just as a man might get too sexually aggressive when drunk,” he said, a woman could also get more aggressive and a man might misinterpret that as meaning that she wanted to have sex. “The lines get really blurred,” he said.
  • Five highlighted “Has anything ever happened to you that was just so bad that you felt like you became a shell of a human being?”
  • Three highlighted “And it has exposed what many administrators and experts now say is all too clear, that while the world has been changing, higher education has done a poor job of understanding the shifts and responding to them.”
  • Two highlighted “We’ve hit them where it hurts: their reputations.”
  • One highlighted “It’s just another issue on their desks that they’re hoping doesn’t cause a loss of students or bad media attention.”