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“There’s so much more I wanted to cover, including the etymology of the word ‘deadline'”

“Workers who fail to meet deadlines risk the disapproval — and sometimes the wrath — of their managers and colleagues.”

“Still, some people will blow a deadline, rationalizing that there is both a “deadline” and a “real deadline.” They image titlewill use whatever devices and excuses they can muster to buy more time.”

“But what about assignments that don’t have clear deadlines? Or projects that are so large that they must be done in increments, so that pulling an all-nighter isn’t an option? Or creative goals that no one much cares about, except you?”

“I know people who, through boundless narcissism, single-minded obsession or unfathomable self-discipline can complete big projects without deadlines. Many of us, though, need a looming threat to finish major work.”

NYT: “Need Motivation? Declare a Deadline”