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If you missed class Wednesday, some notes for you:

  • We agreed and voted on the course contract, which means that, if you missed class, you’ll need to print this out, sign it, and bring it to my office hours or scheduled conference
  • We discussed our NYT Print/Digital Literacy Projects, especially criteria for high-quality, compelling, successful, audience-based projects and how that criteria maps consistently across majors, disciplines, and writing projects in other classes:

[1] The ability to identify questions and find potential, credible sources; how you evaluate and synthesize the information that you find; and how you communicate your findings.

[2] Establishing credibility — how you can guarantee that you’ll be taken seriously: we can tell this writer has had her head in the NYT for 21 days — intensely — and she can generate new meanings in this project because of it.

[3] Practicing audience-based and rhetorical revising, editing, and proofreading. In our case, on this project:

Yesterday: revising
Next Monday: editing
Next Wednesday: proofreading