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“Framing is power …”


““Ways of Seeing,” the art critic John Berger’s 1972 series on visual culture for the BBC, made the case that how we are directed to look at something determines what we see. Framing is important, he suggests, because framing is power: It determines what matters and what doesn’t, what should be paid attention to and what shouldn’t.

— NYT Magazine, 10/1/2017: What I Care About Is Important. What You Care About Is a ‘Distraction.’


“Far more significant than the conflict between the capital and the people is the ideological clash between left and right. Cruz’s rhetoric is mostly an exercise, in the manner of Sun Tzu, of framing the narrative in the most advantageous way.” 

— New Yorker, “The Absolutist: Ted Cruz is an unyielding debater—and the far right’s most formidable advocate.”