Portfolio and Reflective Essay Project

Genre: Organized showcase, with explanatory annotations, of your work in this course
Audience: Classmates, Instructor, and DePaul University assessment staff
Length: Portfolio of work accompanied by 1000-1250 word reflective essay
Platform: TBA, but at this point in the term, you can apply some sophisticated understanding of the rhetorical situation in terms of arrangement (CDA, 90-96), purpose, audience, and reflection

Necessary elements in your portfolio:

  • Cover letter
  • Explanatory portfolio essay
  • Two peer-reviewed drafts: one from your textual analysis and one from your advocacy/argument papers
  • Final version of your textual analysis
  • Final version of your advocacy/argument paper
  • Final version of your multimodal literacy narrative

Due Dates:

Tuesday, 11/10: Portfolio storyboard
Thursday, 11/12: Workshop notes and peer-editorial feedback
Section #121: Tuesday, 11/24: Portfolio and Reflective Essay
Section #114: Thursday, 11/19: Portfolio and Reflective Essay

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