HU2506 | Spring 2008: The Rhetoric & Poetics of Sustainability

Course Calendar

Please note that this calendar is designed to be flexible: we may make changes along the way, depending on your interests and the needs of the class. Should you miss a class, you are responsible for knowing about—and adjusting for—any changes. Professional protocols and collegiality call for you to alert us if you’ll be missing on a day when we’re having a workshop or when you are scheduled to present materials.

Week 1
Introductions, course goals; ecological narratives
Monday 1/14 Course introduction: key terms & goals
Handout: Individual ecological narrative
Wed. 1/16 In class: Discussing Oliver
Reading: Oliver, What Do We Know; “sustainability” in the OED
Friday 1/18 In class: Present individual ecological narrative
Reading: Oliver, continued
Due: Individual ecological narrative
Week 2
Reading nature: sustainability & the individual
Monday 1/21 MLK Day Celebrations“Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. strove to raise awareness about urban environmental issues and public health concerns that disproportionately affect communities of color. Environmental justice is based on the principle that all members of a society have the right to clean air, water, and soil, as well as a right to live in communities where they can raise their families and send their kids out to play in healthy and nurturing natural environments.Further, it embraces the notion that no one possesses the right to degrade and destroy the environment, whether the government at all levels, private industry, or individual citizens.Finally, environmental justice includes a guarantee of equal access to relief and the possibility of meaningful community participation in the decisions of government and industry.”
—Jerome Ringo, “The Other Inconvenient Truth,” 2008
Wed. 1/23 In class: Discussing Oliver
Reading: Oliver, continued
Due: your nature poem
Friday 1/25 In class: The Rhetoric of Science
Reading: Oliver, continued; preview Our Common Future
Due: revised poem into textbook paragraph form; attach poem
Week 3
Reading science:
sustainability & dirt
Monday 1/28 In class: Discussing Our Common Future
Due: Reading journal
Wed. 1/30 Guest speakers: Focus the Nation group –Amanda Norris, Bronwynn Kelly, Julie Jarvey, Katie Hietala
Friday 2/1 Our Common Future, continued
In class: Previewing Kingsolver
Week 4
Monday 2/4 In class: Discussing Kingsolver
Reading: Kingsolver, 1-10
Wed. 2/6 No class: Winter Carnival
Friday 2/8 No class: Winter Carnival
Week 5
Monday 2/11 In class: Discussing Kingsolver
Reading: Kingsolver, continued (1-10)
Due: Reading journal
Wed. 2/13 In class: Kingsolver, continued (1-10)
Friday 2/15 In class: Kingsolver, continued (11-20)
Week 6
The political economy of nature: dominion or stewardship?
Monday2/18 In class: Kingsolver, continued (11-20)
Wed.2/20 In class: Kingsolver, continued (11-20)
Friday2/22 In class: Kingsolver, continued (11-20)
Week 7
Seeing nature:
sustainability & rhetoric
Monday2/25 Art, humanities, and the environment
Group Presentations
Wed.2/27 Art, humanities, and the environment
Group Presentations
Friday2/29 Art, humanities, and the environmentPreview: Grassroots Struggles for Sustainability in Central America
Group Presentations
Week 8
Writing nature
Monday 3/3 In class: Horton, Grassroots Struggles for Sustainability in Central America
Due: Reading journal
Wed. 3/5 In class: Horton, continued
Friday 3/7 No class
  Spring Break Saturday March 8th – Sunday March 16th
Week 9
Writing nature
Monday 3/17 No class
Wed. 3/19 In class: Horton, continued
Friday 3/21 In class: Kingsolver pizza recipes, Wadsworth; food origins & transportation
Week 10
Writing nature
Monday 3/24 In class: Bigfoot
Wed. 3/28 In class: Louv, Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder
Friday 3/28 In class: Louv, continued
Due: Reading response to Horton, based on reading journal questions: 500 words, typed, double-spaced
Week 11
Sustainability as a research practice?
Monday 3/31 In class: Microbial Communities: From Life Apart to Life Together & Previewing projects
Wed.4/2 No class; work on project proposal
Fri. 4/4 No class; work on project proposal
Sat. 4/5 Northern Lights Film Festival: Ladies of the Land
Week 12
Sustainability as an ethic?
Monday 4/7 In class: Preparing projects and discussing Worldchanging: A Users Guide for the 21st Century
Due: Project proposals
Wed. 4/9 Project Development & Steffen’s Worldchanging
Friday 4/11 Grayson family recipe @ Wadsworth
Steffen’s Worldchanging
Week 13
Sustainability as an individual or collective action?
Monday 4/14 In class: Project workshop and previews
Wed. 4/16 UP historical recipe @ Wadsworth
Project workshop and previews
Friday 4/18 In class: Project workshop and previews
Week 14
A Rhetoric of Sustainability: Presentations
Monday 4/21 Project Presentations
Wed. 4/23 Project Presentations
Friday 4/25 Stema family recipe @ Wadsworth
Project Presentations
Finals Week

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