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Mid-term Reflective Essay

Mid-term reflective essay: 350-500 words

A note on the mid-term self reflection: since the writing asks for honest, personal self reflection, if you’d rather email it to me rather than post it to Digication, please feel free to do that. If you’re looking for the unwritten, read-between-the-lines aspect of the mid-term reflection, I’m looking for places where you are challenging yourself intellectually. That’s what I care about.

Things to write about in your mid-term self assessment & reflection:

In terms of writing, reading, critical thinking, and class participation:

  • What have you been doing well so far? (provide specific examples)
  • What do you need to work on more? (provide specific examples)
  • How would you characterize your contributions to the intellectual life of our class?

NYT: please provide a self-ethnographic narrative on your experience:

  • Describe your reading strategies: do you skim? focus on specific sections? follow particular stories or themes? Do you read leisurely or under pressure?
  • Where do you read? dorm? train? library? cafe? elsewhere?
  • How do you think those strategies and locations affect your understanding and comprehension of the NYT?
  • Context: how is the NYT the same or different than other things you usually read?
  • Have you encountered articles related to your major, or career goals, or life aspiration? Can you mention a few?
  • Provide one detailed example of an article that extended or challenged your thinking on a topic; in addition to your summary and reflection on that article, provide a link to it