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Contextual Analysis Project Proposal

Recommended Contextual Analysis Project Proposal Format:

I propose to do my Contextual Analysis Project on _________________________________________________________
(fill in the blank either with your inquiry questions(s) or topic.)

Paragraph #1:
Subject heading
Why this project is important and relevant
Write one paragraph in a persuasive tone: why is your project important and relevant?

Paragraph #2:
Write one paragraph on to whom your inquiry question is important and relevant: why is is important to them? What values are associated with the people or groups you’ve identified?

Rhetorical Précis
Include three rhetorical precis from sources you find during your initial research. Initially, before our library instruction workshop, you can find some good, credible sources on your own. (Hint: NYT archives: http://query.nytimes.com/search/alternate/query?.)

N.B. — If you plan to compose two, shorter, contextual analyses rather than one longer one, mention that in your proposal.